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Community Networks officially recognized in Brazil

The Brazilian Telecoms Regulator Anatel has officially recognized Community Networks as an option for Internet access and explicitly mentions (and links) our 2018 outcome “The Community Network Manual” in the decision.

2017 Call For Papers

2017 Call For Papers   The Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity(DC3) is a multistakeholder group dedicated to promoting the discussion on community networks (CN). DC3 furthers analysis of how CNs may help create sustainable Internet connectivity while empowering Internet users.   DC3 is a component of the United Nations Internet Governance […]

How You Can Help Connect The Planet

  Be it high into the Himalayas, deep into the country side of India or the hills of Mexico, incredible people are helping to bring connectivity to some of the world’s forgotten places.   We want to you to a part of it. Yesterday we held an online forum where […]

Bringing Internet to Venezuela’s Remote Regions

Bringing Internet to Venezuela’s Remote Regions   Check the amazing article from Ermanno Pietrosemoli article about how he broke a world record while generating access for communities in Venezuela back at 2006. (original article )   Ermanno Pietrosemoli: Consultant at Telecommunications and ICT for Development Lab and President of Escuela Latinoamericana de […]

IETF Meeting

IETF Reunion Some members of the DC3 and GAIA will be hosting a meeting during IETF 99 in Prague! The GAIA meeting will be on Wednesday, 19 July: Afternoon Session II: 1520-1650 Room: Karlin III We have 1.5 hours and propose that we have: (1) 6-8 lightning talks and (2) Q&A and Discussion after the talks about […]

IGF 2017

IGF 2017    The twelfth annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 December 2017, on the theme, Shape Your Digital Future! Stay tuned for more info about DC3 on IGF

DC3 – working definitions and principles

DC3 – working definitions and principles   Preamble: Over four billion people may remain unconnected to the Internet, including approximately one billion who do not have access to basic telephony services. Most people in rural and economically disadvantaged areas are unlikely to realise the benefits of connectivity in the near term. […]

DC3 on RigthsCon 2016

Do it yourself! Can the next billion build its own Internet connectivity? – DC3 on RigthsCon 2016 All individuals have the potential to create community networks in a collaborative mode, fostering digital inclusion and digital literacy as well as empowering users and local communities alike. To date, community networks have […]